On the most northern periphery of Scotland lie the spellbinding islands of Orkney and Shetland, wonderfully remote in their locations and the ideal way to truly escape the madding crowds. These are destinations for those who love to make real journeys into the heart of beyond.

Orkney with its 70 small islands is the closest of the two hinterlands and promises the ambitious traveller a wealth of wildlife from puffins and petrels to seals and orca. The Neolithic stone settlements of Skara Brae set the scene for an incredible amount of ancient history, perfect for those with a passion for the distant past.

A Viking awakening awaits those who choose to sail even further north, reaching the subarctic archipelago of the far-distant Shetland Isles. So remote is this incredible place, the influence of their Nordic heritage is plain to see and hear, the language and place names echoing a diverse and distinct history from the rest of Scotland.

Here too, old stories are to be found around every corner, from the Iron Age brochs stood proud on remote headlands to the blaze of Up Hellya celebrations which burn bright each year with fiery boats, raised axes and enough music, feasting and festivities to transform your visit into its own legendary Norse saga.

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Located on the island of Lamb Holm in Orkney, Scotland, the Italian Chapel was built by Italian prisoners of war during World War II. A must see for any Orkney and Shetland vacations.

The Italian Chapel a must see location in Orkney and Shetland.

Postcards from Orkney and Shetland

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We work with a range of high-quality, specially selected accommodation options, from charming privately-owned B&Bs and country houses, to historic castles and fine luxury hotels in a variety of urban and rural locations.

kinloch lodge fireplace

A charming country house hotel

links house dornoch

An elegant boutique hotel

luxurious edinburgh accomodation

A luxury city centre B&B.

butt lodge

Luxurious island guest house

15 glasgow

A superb city B&B

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